Wedding Summer Social scheduled for July 12, 2020

Inspiring Photos

Trying to envision your wedding day at The Emerald Hill?  Scroll through and visualize yourself in the suites getting ready and laughing with your friends.  Picture everyone at your reception having a great time and celebrating YOU.  Think about that first dance in the barn with the love of your life.  

We just love a good love story.  Check out some love story images below.  


Photography time

Bridal Photography

Bridal Photography

Bridal Photography


Bridal, engagement, save the dates, etc.

Access to the suites, restrooms and staged furniture pieces. 

$100 per hour 

Family Portraits

Bridal Photography

Bridal Photography


10 family members or less.  

Access to the restrooms and 1 staged furniture piece.  

$50 per hour