Socials at The Emerald Hill

Open to Everyone

Maybe you're in a relationship, newly engaged, or you just want to know what it takes to plan an outdoor wedding...come to a social! 

What to expect

The purpose behind this event is to share what we know.  Are you interested in learning more about:

- budgets

- what are must have amenities for venues

- pros and cons of disposable verses china

- weather 

     *what if it rains

     *what if it's really hot

     *what if it's really cold

- what are the latest trends

- do you have to have a cocktail hour

- how much food do you really need

- do I need a coordinator or planner

- how long does hair and makeup take

If you said yes to at least one...come to a social.

We have plenty of staff on site to answer your questions and we have some great vendors to talk about what services they specialize in. 

Booked Brides at The Socials

Booked Brides at The Socials

Booked Brides at The Socials


Brides who already booked a date with us - this is your chance to measure different spaces, visualize the venue and dig through the decor. Brides who RSVP are guaranteed a reserved table to decorate and try different looks and trends. 

Make sure you speak to the vendors to get any questions answered about anything you may not have crossed off your list and its a great chance to talk with other brides, go sit in the suites or just stroll around the property. 

Vendors at The Socials

Booked Brides at The Socials

Booked Brides at The Socials


We will have plenty of team members on site to answer your questions.  There will also be vendors to offer insight and expert advice on all things they are passionate about and specialize in.  While all vendors would love to be a part of your special day, please keep in mind that this event is to answer your questions and help you feel better about planning an outdoor wedding.  If you find the vendor of your dreams, well that's even better and adds to an already successful day!


There's much to see. Make sure you are on the list of those attending by reserving your spot.