OUr story

Venue Owners?

Venue Owners wasn't exactly what we had planned on describing ourselves as, but couldn't be happier with the way it is all working out.  

Once we made the decision to bring new life to our old barn we never saw the space the same.  We of course needed more than just a barn so we began working on the design of our other building which is where our restrooms, spacious bridal suite and impressive groom's suite are located.    

The biggest  decision we made was to strive toward making it easy and cost effective to plan a wedding at our venue.  We do our very best to include as many things in our packages which in turn creates value for our couples.   

We genuinely care about each and every person that comes to The Emerald Hill.  We adore this farm and we love that we get the chance to share it with others.  Hosting weddings for couples and helping them achieve their dream wedding is what fuels our passion.